4 Things That Indicate You Have Vision Field Loss

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4 Things That Indicate You Have Vision Field Loss

As the name suggests, our “visual field” or “visual field awareness system” refers to what each of us can see surrounding us. When any part of this system is damaged, our visual field can either lessen or have blind spots. Damage can occur for many different reasons, and it’s important for a New Vision Eye Care optician to determine the exact reason, as to prevent further damage. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to book an appointment with New Vision Eye Care for a full diagnosis and progressive eyeglasses.

view of a person with blurry vision looking at an eye doctor

Blurred Vision Whilst Watching Television

When each of us sits down to watch television, our eyes focus on the different movements and lights. However, if your visual field awareness system has any slight or extensive damage, then you may experience constant blurred vision while watching Netflix or live TV. If you notice this symptom is recurring, and does not change no matter how far away from the TV you sit, contact New Vision Eye Care today and book an appointment!

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Frequently Walking Into Objects

If you find yourself frequently walking into objects — because you simply didn’t notice them — you may have a blind spot in your visual field awareness system that you’re not aware of. More often than not, you won’t notice a blind spot unless it’s extreme. If you’re so used to seeing a certain way, suddenly walking into objects that are right next to you can be a sure sign that something is wrong. However, meeting with an New Vision Eye Care optician can help to get a status update on your entire visual field awareness system.

man holding his glasses and squinting

Difficulty Reading

When scanning a page of text you notice a severe lack of clarity, this can also be a symptom of a visual field awareness system. Patients who experience eye damage of this sort can have extreme difficulty reading a passage of text; this can involve skipping from section to section on a page, not being able to read sentences in a linear fashion, and missing whole sections of the page when reading. However, progressive eyeglasses from New Vision Eye Care can help!

woman with glasses squinting in bright light

Sensitivity To Sunlight

It’s natural for everyone to have a little difficulty seeing when the sun is bright, and thus we wear sunglasses. However, if you notice a more heightened sensitivity to dim sunlight, light bulbs, or other sources of brightness, it can be a sign of visual field awareness system damage. Our New Vision Eye Care opticians can help assess your current visual field and diagnose any issues, just in case you need progressive eyeglasses.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect you may be starting to, book an appointment with one of New Vision Eye Care’s experts to see how we can help you!

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