Treatment for Low Vision Service

Learn How We Can Help You with Your Low Vision


Treatment for Low Vision Service

Low vision is typically losing sight, which cannot be corrected with surgery, prescription eyeglasses, or contact lenses. However, low vision does not mean total blindness, since one still has some sight. In addition, it is possible to enhance sight with the help of visual aids.

New Vision Eye Care is an all-around optical and optometric practice ready to help with any visual problem. We are knowledgeable in all the different degrees of low vision that include blind spots, sight loss, almost total sight loss, and poor night vision. Our services are available to anyone in Georgia, Atlanta, and surrounding areas.

The treatments we give for low vision are:

telescopic lenses

Telescopic Glasses to Magnify Objects

Telescopic glasses are a new and exciting option that helps you conveniently improve your distance vision, especially for those with low vision. These glasses are specially made to make objects seem larger. At the same time, the images are made sharper and brighter. This improves a patient’s capability to drive, see faces, watch TV, among others.

There are certain benefits of using these glasses. For instance, you can customize your telescopic eyeglasses depending on your lifestyle and vision. Also, your hands will be left free! No more arm fatigue resulting from holding monoculars to see.

pair of reading glasses on a book

Reading Prisms for Vision Therapy

Prisms lenses, also known as yoked prisms, are mainly prescribed for patients experiencing binocular vision or double vision problems. Yoked prisms help better communication between the brain and eyes. This communication improves precise visual processing.

Yoked prisms are attached to eyeglass lenses to boost the light focus on the retina found in the back of the eye. The focus light results in comfortable and clearer vision.

using a magnifying glass to help read

Try Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses are beneficial tools for anyone with low vision. They have a variety of magnification powers accessible to aid with your vision loss. The magnification powers range from 2x up to 10x, depending on what works for you.

There are various options available on these glasses. This gives you a wide range of them to choose from. They are limitless, from pocket magnifiers to magnifying sheets, full page magnifying glass, and actual magnification glasses.

reading a book

Lenses That Can Filter Light

There is a diverse selection of absorptive filters that have non-polarized UV. They were developed for those with low vision specifically. In addition, a variety of patented frame styles and sizes are available to fit securely over your prescription glasses.

Lenses that filter light have a lower light transmission and bring about a rich visual field in comfort and contrast. This makes them popular among people with low vision as it eases eyestrain.

There are different present solutions to those with low vision, such as magnifying glasses, telescopic glasses, reading prisms, and light filtering lenses. Here is the chance for all those living in Georgia, Atlanta, and surrounding areas to get help! Don’t hesitate to visit us at New Vision Eye Care, where we aim to solve your low vision problem. We offer the best eye care services. Contact us today!