What is a Visual Field Awareness System?

A Visual Field Awareness System is an assistive technology tool used by people with vision impairments. These systems help provide real-time information about their surroundings so they can avoid obstacles and hazards in their path. The goal of these devices is to improve safety and independence, which ultimately leads to a better quality of life for the user.

Visual Field Awareness Systems can be used by people with vision loss in their daily lives. Users may benefit from these devices when walking, commuting to work or school, and when out shopping. Depending on the user’s preference and needs, they can choose between different systems. This technology helps users remain safe while engaging in any activity without having to rely solely on others for assistance.

A few examples that New Vision Eye Care and Rehabilitation Services carry can be seen below:


VES Falcon Autofocus

The Falcon, in development and testing for six years, uses state-of-the-art time-of-flight technology to provide the most natural and easy-to-use telescopic vision possible for blind people. The image will be clear wherever you look, just like normal vision. Its parallax corrected Keplerian optical systems deliver excellent image clarity and brightness, and its current lightweight ergonomic and fully adjustable design makes it ideal for comfortable viewing.


SightScope Flip

Ocutech's unique SightScope Flip, a Galilean telescope concept with an adjustable binocular form, offers the widest field of view possible! When not needed, it's simple and natural to use and may be folded out of the way! Incredibly bright and sharp lenses provide for extremely wide vision without focusing. Using the computer, playing cards, board games, or reading may be made easier with special slip-on reading attachments.



The Ocutech 3x VES-Mini is the tiniest, lightest, and widest-field Keplerian bioptic telescope available. The VES-Mini is half the size of regular Keplerian telescopes, weighs less than an ounce, and focuses rapidly to as close as 9 inches! It's made using a conventional through-the-lens installation and can be fitted to either eyes. It comes in black and silver.

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